Web Hosting

A powerful website needs an equally powerful hosting service

Websites are compiled of multiple files composed of various programming languages. In order for your website to be visible to consumers browsing the web, or in order for your site to be “live” as we call it, your entire website must be “hosted”. This means all the files from your web pages that make up your website have to be stored on a “server”, at a data collection center.
There are only a few different data collection centers in the United states, one of the great perks about hosting with Access Connects is that we host with Verizon Terremark Centers of America, which is located in Miami, FL. The reason this is so advantageous, is because the closer your website is hosted to your business, the better it is in every way for search engine optimization of your business. Access Connects does not simply add your website to one of our servers and leave it alone, instead Access Connects knows that true hosting is also comprised of monthly maintenance.
Your website is comprised of many different widgets, plugins, etc. These programs are constantly changing and improving, in order to make your website run smoother and faster. Access Connects scans all hosted websites every month and updates and upgrades all websites with available upgrades to any programs.
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